3 Surprising Things I Do For Joy


#1 :: I love to edit photos just for “fun”

Recently, I had a photoshoot with my friend, Katya Nicholas, and did all of the editing myself because of how much I love to tinker around in Photoshop. I’m not a photographer and could have easily passed this off to someone more “experienced”. But, instead, over the years I have been teaching myself how to use the program. Purely because I find great satisfaction in learning and the challenge of bringing my visions to life.

Don't let the shoulds or should nots dictate your joy!

#2 :: Wiggling is a daily practice for me

Puppies and little children know a secret art about movement that gets lost as we get older. It feels delicious just to wiggle your body! Dancing breaks are sort of “in” right now, but I’d like to propose you try the “wiggle”. All you have to do is pretend you’re the happiest puppy in the world and get wiggling!

Movement is the purest form of expression. When was the last time you let your wild side out? Go ahead... give it a wiggle!

#3 :: I love to watch people

The stereotype of that sounds slightly stalkerish, but do you consider bird watchers stalkers? No! They are fascinated by the various types and habitats. It’s all about the experience and thrill of witnessing beauty. That’s how it is for me, but with people! Some people may be surprised by me because I can be very quiet if I want. But, then I’ll pop in with something that no on else has seen. That’s because one of my favorite things is just to watch and listen. It’s not about judging, but purely taking in what is around me.

Joy can be found even in stillness.


What do YOU do for joy? Share below in the comments!