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Hello + backstory from the QuirkTeam leader… Christina!

Christina Salerno
Hi, hello, and howdy! I’m Christina Salerno, the dealer of the endorphin style Quirk-Juice infused into this here blog + community… aka, Founder of Living Quirky!

I may now live a magical life of adventure, depth, joy, and connection, but for most of my life it was quite the opposite.

–> For the short version of my crazy story within 15 snapshots: Click HERE!

–> I also want to go a little deeper with you because I hope to share through my story of continual reinvention… no matter where you are right now, there is always a choice to live another way – your way.

In addition to being born into quirkiness, I have the genetic trait of high sensitivity where 20% of the population process sensory data much more deeply and thoroughly due to a biological difference in our nervous systems. If curious, you can learn even more about HSPs from my friend and mentor, Ane Axford, at Sensitive Leadership

So, what this means is that not only were kids making fun of me for being “too weird”, but that it affected me at a greater depth. It used to feel absolutely crushing. There have been a lot of times throughout my life where I wished I wouldn’t wake up in the morning.

As I got older, I focused on anything other than having friends – insane amounts of personal development, building multiple businesses, and even helping others at the expense of myself – because of how much pain opening up to wanting deep love and connection always caused me.

I became a ninja for adapting into any situation. The epitome of creatively multi-passionate, I guarantee I can figure out how to do anything. I’d convinced myself that I was self-aware, independent, confident, and could do anything I wanted. So busy proving to people who I was, I’d actually lost myself in the process. I did everything except convey all of who I am. I closely guarded my vulnerable truth, my love, my joy, thinking life was a series of challenges for some end goal of success and happiness that I was constantly striving to reach.

Then, something happened.

I pushed myself so much, so far that my health collapsed. My body literally forced me to slow down and start over. To relearn how to live because the way I was living was in fact killing me.

I wish that’s where it all became bright and sunny, but those were the darkest days of all.

I now believe that you have to blow up the building to make space for a new, more solid foundation. Like caterpillars in the cocoon, every cell in their body breaks downs so that it can transform. That’s exactly what happened to me.

A paradigm shift where I could no longer pretend.

I had to master how to understand, integrate, and embrace my quirkiness, my sensitivity, who I am in the deepest, most pure sense. Because if I ever diverged, I would fall into sickness again almost immediately.

When I decided to own it as the most interesting, engaging, powerful part of myself, EVERYTHING changed. The magical quirk-gates burst open and I discovered a secret quirk-dom! ;)

Then, I started sharing what I’d learned throughout my 15+ years of deep self discovery with others and they also began to feel lit up from the inside, more connected, more clarity, and more whole!

That’s when I knew I couldn’t keep it a secret.

Enter… the creation of Living Quirky!