All In


This past year I have been faced many times with a very specific decision.
Will I be “all in”?

Will something in me hold back or will I give all of me?

Will I let someone or something else choose for me or will I commit to being “all in” regardless?

I keep deciding that I’m all in.
Even when I am shaking I am so terrified.
Even when I may feel that I’m wholly alone in it.
Even when the unknown feels like a looming assailant in the shadows.

Yet still, when I decide, it’s not in a forceful way. Most of the time it doesn’t even make sense. But, I listen to my gut. And, it just feels right.

I used to think I was all in. Busting my way through barriers.
Pushing. Striving. Fighting.

This is different.

It’s a releasing instead of a manipulation.

A flow instead of a battle.

It’s slippery too. And, never a constant. Just when I think I’ve been all in, I find a place where I’ve still been holding back. But, I open into that part of myself. And choose again.

Each time I step up. Show up fully. All of me. All in.
Then, I am seen. I am greeted. And, I am joined.

And, every time I choose to open myself, I am amazed at what opens in return.
Which gives me confidence to go deeper. To reveal even more.

I choose this. I am here. With you. All of me. All in.

Right now, where in your life could you go deeper, release, and choose to be “all in”?