I take my work very seriously
Lay your burdens on me
I will never let you down

I built a fortress
To make you want me

Who knew that day after day
This would feel so heavy

The tiniest whisper
Has become
A deafening scream

My best days include:

My life’s mission:


The story of why: Growing up, I always had those fabric hanging shoe storage racks. I went through a phase where I was exploring what I could do with wood and I decided it was time for a change.

The story of how: I wanted something that could be multi-functional and adapt to future needs. So, I designed this shoe bench with a bottom shelf that holds shorter shoes, an upper shelf for taller boot items, and added a cushy place to sit while putting shoes on. I used regular plywood, two types of trim, decorative tiles for the upper corners, simple short bench legs, and pleather for the cushion cover. I constructed everything myself and used a stain and poly for finishing the wood.