Who are you being “enough” for?


Am I enough?

We are driven mad by this question.

Sometimes it can appear as an aspiration, such as: “I want to be known for my art.”
Which might really be coming from: “I need recognition for my art to believe it has value.”

Or it might be: “I want this project to be perfect.”
Which is really a fear of: “I’m afraid mistakes are unacceptable.”

Both are coming from a place of not enough.

A deficiency of self-worth.

Am I too much?

On the other hand, being enough can swing in the other direction of too much, such as: “I don’t want to overwhelm them.” or “I need to limit myself to be understood.”

This may seem as though it’s about how other people see you; yet, it’s still coming from a belief of what has value and what does not.

Yes and yes.

Here’s the good news… value is merely a matter of perspective!
The worth of something or someone is completely subjective. It’s made up.

Is the glass half full or half empty? Yes and yes. Both are equally true!


Last week I heard this question and it has stuck with me: “Do you want to be as much as you can be for you? Or do you want to be enough so others can handle you?”

Truth #1: I am too much for some people.
Truth #2: I am not enough for others.
What I do may change who those people are, but nothing I do could change that both of those truths exist simultaneously.

This means we are 100% free to choose!

I can’t possibly provide a simple solution for something as vast and nuanced as a perhaps lifelong journey of seeing and discovering the value of one’s self. But, hopefully you can trust a bit more that the path and the choice is entirely yours.

Here are two additional truths I love as reminders of this choice:

Truth #3: I am already just right as I am.
Truth #4: Someone out there is looking for someone exactly like me. The more I am my true self, the more likely we are to find each other.

Until next time, may the truth be with you! ;-)