Being extraordinary is a choice.


I’ve just boarded my flight and the typical sequence of events begins to unfold.

We file into our seats, the doors close, and our flight attendant checks the aisles.

She begins reciting the usual instructions, and I start to tune out the excess noise.

However, she begins with humor, joking about how she’ll be sharing information we may have heard before, yet are definitely going to be listening this time… Right?! She has a spirited joy and I immediately perk up and pay attention.

She continues on with the same information I’ve heard dozens of times, yet throwing in her personality and light-hearted jokes like, “Put your oxygen mask on first and then help a child sitting next to you, or someone who is acting like a child.”

I look around and many of us are smiling and watching her go through the demonstration.

My seat mate stranger turns to me with a giant smile and says, “I’ve never seen someone have so much joy during one of these!”

The thing is…

She could follow the script given to her word for word and be average like the majority of everyone else.

But, she is choosing something different.

She is choosing to be extraordinary.

Same message, same routine.
Different personality, different experience.

She brings her own unique flavor and delights the heck out of everyone, including herself!

Not only that, but her work is better. Her message is reaching us. The customers are experiencing more enjoyment. And, actually fostering a connection because it starts a conversation.

This got me thinking…

In what other ways can we add our own twist to the everyday routines and experience more joy, connection, and success?

Curious, what’s one way that you’d choose something out of the ordinary instead of the typical script? Share with us in the comments below!