It’s my birthday and I’m starting a quest!


Maybe it’s because I’ve been reading “The Happiness of Pursuit” or maybe it’s because I’ve always had an affinity for experiments, but this year for my birthday I want to start a new QUEST.

By the way, yes, today IS my actual day of birth. *high five for Halloween!*

My quest will be to share with you a daily intention. Similar to the 10-day Quirk Invasion challenges, those will be prompts for enhancing the day. To integrate a visual element, I decided to try out hand-lettering. I’ve never done this before so it’s a big experiment!

A consistent daily practice won’t be easy. It will challenge my assumptions of what I think is possible. But, I’m up for it!

I can feel myself coming even more out of the “quo-set”. One of those protective layers at a deep level is shedding. And, my wish is that by letting you into my world even more, you will be inspired to open up in your own way too!

For now, I’m going to be posting these daily doses of quirk-juice on social media.

I hope you will join me!

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And, without further ado, here is DAY #1 :: MAGIC

Daily Quirk-Juice :: MAGIC

Magic is in those moments of incomprehensible amazingness. Where something just happens. You may not understand how or why. But, that’s the magic of it.

Magic is all around us.
​When you open your eyes to the wonderment of life, you see the unexpected.
You see something incredible you had previously passed by a thousand times before.
You feel the joy from someone walking down the street with an extra pep in their step.
You witness the love during an embrace at the subway station.
You hear the sadness in your friend’s voice and you ask – “hey, is everything ok?” and it blossoms into a magical moment of open hearts.

Today, I choose to open my eyes and my heart and experience the magic of this day.