Camp GLP!

Camp GLP 2014

I just came back from summer camp. And, it changed my life.

Camp GLP BunksCamp Good Life Project was 2 hours outside of New York City.
In true camp style, we were in bunks in the middle of the woods.

There were bonfires, dance parties, and color wars.
I took workshops like Bookbinding, Owning Your Shizzle, and Living Your Song.

I reconnected with my GLP 2014 Immersion pals and made so many more new friends.

I also had the opportunity to have conversations with amazingly intelligent and warm-hearted entrepreneurs such as John Lee Dumas, founder of the Entrepreneur On Fire podcast, Scott Dinsmore of Live Your Legend, and Jennifer Boykin of Life After Tampons.

Christina and Virginia
Plus, one of my best friends, Virginia Wilcox, was there with me. #besties!

All of that plus SO MUCH MORE made for an insanely phenomenal weekend.

However, something else even more AWESOME happened…









talent… On the last evening, there was a talent show.
Hands down it was THE best talent show I’ve ever been to.

I used to be a singer so I thought about writing a song. Maybe even a Quirk Anthem.

You see… music used to be my everything.
It was my only way to express my intensity, my depth, my diversity, my power.
Otherwise as an every day person, I would scare the bejeezus out of people!

Music was my salvation. I stayed alive and sane because I always had music.

Until, literally I lost my voice. I won’t go into the details, but at one point it was excruciating just to talk.
What I thought was the loss of the only thing I could believe in was actually the greatest gift I could have received.

So, instead of a song, I decided to share my voice in a new way.

It was terrifying and I had NO clue how people were going to respond. I just knew I had to share it in this way.

Here’s a video of the moment that changed my life:

(These photos are amaaaazing, right?! Huge cheers to the fabulous photographer and my new friend, Heather Day Krakora of Krakora Studios!)

This moment feels like a spark.

A pivot from something in my head to something now carried in the hearts of others.
Hopefully, this will be a ripple.

A ripple for courage, deep connection and open-hearted truth.

Each and every one of you are in MY heart.
I am forever grateful. And, I am forever changed because of YOU.