Featured Quirksters

Q & A’s with incredible people embracing who they are – quirks and all.

It’s doing things your own way – because it feels right and you know it’s you. It’s being weird – and okay with that.

Harper Spero
Personal Development Coach

I try to live with gratitude, because even though being quirky is a value available to everyone, not everyone knows how to embrace it.

Chris Guillebeau
Chief Troublemaker, The Art of Non-Conformity

True Quirkyness is an inside job, anything but the obvious, an element of pleasant depth or surprise.

Liz Rosales
writer, mystic, audio-book editor, healer, councellor and artisan

It’s absolutely vital to keep having FUN.

Claire Holgate
Freelance illustrator, graphic recorder & generator of ideas

Visiting different cultures and places just brings out a happier me.

Kirsty Bartholomew
Serial Dreamer and Host of the Untrapped Life Podcast

I like to have competitions with the GPS -- Who can get me around faster and easier? I almost always win.

Charlotte Blake
Wellness Practitioner and Pilates Teacher

Not all round holes need round pegs.

Faigie Kobre
The art teacher without an art background

Silence is a universe of infinite doors.

Mila Tovar
Soul-bridged Visual Artist

I love being able to create by favoring chance over formula – seeking hidden or abandoned things to transform and recombine in another way- using head, hand and heart.

Amy Lewis
founder, designer, ceo of AGRISCULPTURE

Being quirky is all about carving your own world from the unexpected, finding the real You in the chaos of the mundane.

Dawn Exton
The Lux Alchemist

Stay fearless. Rejection is just other people doing you the favor of editing themselves out of your life.

Nick Farr
Context Crasher

I want to inspire people the way I have been inspired.

Lisa Adams
Food Writer/Presenter, Personal Chef, Voice Over Artist

I can draw concepts.

Vincent Legeay
Certified professor of Philosophy

My essence shines through.

Elyse Sparkes
creator of the Tone & Tune UP workout + Lovely Lady Entrepreneurs

To me, laughter cuts through the layers of pretense and gets to the heart of who I am - quirkiness and all.

Stephanie Watanabe
a.k.a. The Girl Who Knows

At the end of the day, if you tune out all the distractions and listen to yourself, you will know what to do.

Gilit Cooper
Mom, Wife, & Blogger of Shoes Off, Please

Follow your passions and your life purpose will follow.

Jennifer Markas
Founder of Damsels In Design & Know Your Worth

Indulge in what makes you smile.

Jodi Good
Singer / Songwriter

Never stop exploring.

Jono Selvadurai
contemporary dancer

I love when i can let myself be who i am and not try to tone it down and or neutralize myself to fit into a pocket that might make better sense for others to understand.

Tamar Haviv
Singer / Songwriter

Live from your heart and follow your truth.

Lucie Boshier
Writer & Designer, Lucie Boshier Love

My soul is very wise.

Hilary Dare
Shoe Designer

Quirky to me is allowing all parts of my self to be seen, even the parts that don’t match.

Carolee Flatley
Creative Director of Finn & Roo

Every moment is art.

Hayley Lau
lover, writer, artist