Guest Appearances

Collaborations with other awesome online destinations.

Claiming Your Quirky Brilliance – Startup Sessions podcast interview

Telling our story is something most of us do all the time. Every time we meet someone new, or go on a date, or even interview for a job, we get asked about who we are and what we’re all about. And then every now and again, we meet someone who asks us different questions, […]

Cracking Creativity podcast interview

  Jamming on creativity with Kevin Chung for his podcast! Check it out to hear stories about the twists and turns of my creative journey with lots of tips for how you can lean in to your own winding path. Listen to it here:

Monkey Radio podcast

  I recently met Marc Raco of Monkey Radio and was so honored when he invited me to have a conversation with him for his podcast! We talk about “quirkitude” and a 21 question rapid fire section where we talk about the clothing mechanics of the Hulk and Quidly who helps people fly their quirk-flag! […]

Healthy, Happy, and Hot Entrepreneur interview

  I talk food and living a healthy lifestyle specific to YOU with Krista Butler for her interview series on Be Food Savvy. “Don’t follow someone else’s pattern. Find your own and develop it for your unique makeup.” Check it out here:

Bridal Rebellion podcast

  Kira Hug is one of my new favorite friends and her. While her podcast is called Bridal Rebellion, and I know NOTHING about being a bride, I do know about rebellion! “You can’t be in the world without knowing who you are … and to me that’s everything.” I’ve often felt I had to […]

The Untrapped Life podcast

  Had such a great time chatting with Kirsty Bartholomew for her Untrapped Life podcast! I shared about having a dream that dies and the transition into Living Quirky. Check it out here:

Do You Love Yourself?

  This week I participated in Charlotte Blake’s Week of Self-Care: Finally Say YES to Making Your SELF a Priority. Check out my guest blog post here:!

Live Like You Mean It

  “What we reach for may be different, but what makes us reach is the same.“ I recently did an interview for the Story Shelter’s new podcast, Live Like You Mean It, where I was asked: “What does it mean to you to live a meaningful life?” First, I realized I couldn’t remember a time […]