​You have changed my life, forever.


I had written something else earlier this week, but on Thanksgiving (here in the U.S.) as I’m packing up boxes, listening to podcast episodes of The Good Life Project, and excitedly getting ready to move into my new “nest” tomorrow…

The only thing that I want to say is Thank You.

And, I know everyone else is saying the same thing right now.
But, I don’t care. This needs to be said.

I’ll describe to you where I was last year and why I’m so grateful for you.

Last Thanksgiving, I was almost completely alone. I was in tears for most of the day as my romantic relationship had been crumbling. I’ll spare the exact details, but just trust me… it was this insanely awful limbo.

In addition, this was at a time when I had only a handful of actual real friends. I want to talk more about this in another post, because as I’m sure you’ve experienced, being quirky can be extremely isolating.

One of those true friends invited me over to her Thanksgiving dinner (who had also been through a tumultuous divorce) and so her and I ate, talked and cried together.

​I mustered up some gratitude, but it was definitely one of many dark moments.

Now… here I am one year later and I’m in complete awe of my current life.

I have more deep and meaningful relationships than I can count.
I experience joy and fulfillment on a daily basis.
I feel so much love for everyone in my life and feel their love in return.
I say no to the experiences and people that don’t light me up on a daily basis.
And, most importantly, I wake up every day and can’t wait to say HELL YES to those who do light me because that means I can create magic with YOU.

So, when I say Thank YOU, I mean it with every single fiber of my being.

Thank you for reading these quirk-juice letters each week.

Thank you for responding with your thoughts, encouragement, struggles, and especially with your own heart-filled messages.

Thank you for having the courage to dive into the vulnerable, soulful places where most others glide over.

​Thank you for your commitment to truth and the discovery of what that might be.

Thank you for raising your quirk-flag and declaring your quirkpower.

Thank you for being YOU.

This Thanksgiving, I am actually physically alone, but sooooo far from feeling alone.
And, I’ve never felt this way ever in my life before this year.

​You have changed my life, forever.
Thank you.


Feel free to share your own gratitudes below in the comments!