What if curiosity did NOT kill the cat?

I know the old proverb says, “curiosity killed the cat” but I call B.S.

Yes, I believe in intentional curiosity and not poking and prodding a shark. But, I also believe curiosity is a foundational element to living a fulfilled and quirkalicious life.

When was the last time you said to yourself, “I wish I could ___.”?

For me, all week I’d been mulling over what to write to you and about 2 hours ago I finally got fed up and said to myself, “I wish I could freakin’ come up with something to write already!!!”

The majority of the time, I feel like a sponge and a channel where everything flows in and out quite smoothly.
Sometimes there are things I feel compelled to write that are like an excavation of the soul and they are not so smooth.
Then there are also times, like this week, when it feels like the water in the writing well is dried up. Instead of criticizing myself, I got curious.

I began to investigate more about what might be going on, talking to myself, asking questions such as, “Hmm, why might this be happening? Is this caused by something external or internal? What happens if I adjust my writing process? Perhaps I’m stuck because I want to share something other than writing this week? Maybe I need a jolt and to push myself further? Maybe I need a pause and to allow for something to bubble up? Maybe I need to do something else entirely right now?”

With every question, I would inquire a response from my head, my heart, and my body. Being curious about what came through and allowing myself the space to go further and further down the rabbit hole.

Eventually, I decided upon, yes I knew I wanted to send something, I didn’t know what it was going to be, and I’d given myself the space to physically engage with something monotonous while my brain could brainstorm some ideas. Then, something popped in my head. A few people this week had both said how much they admire my ability to challenge myself with experiments. The signals were a big yes and then these words have been falling onto the page.

I share that story because too often what we seek is already here.

More and more, I’m seeing that perspective is the only true barrier to living life with meaning, fulfillment, joy, and love.

QT15: Curiosity is a way to alter our perspective. To engage with our current experience and incite about a new possibility.

There can be curiosity in a learning capacity where we are consuming data and information. This can help us to grow our awareness and guide us in our decisions.

There can also be the extra curious who have a boost of courage and create experiments to test things out in the world.

I love experiments because it up-levels my life from consumption to experiential.

To come full circle, curiosity does not have to be dangerous.
It does not have to kill the cat.
Instead, what if curiosity could feed the cat?

What will YOU be curious about this week? And, bonus points for choosing an experiment around your curiosity! Feel free to share it with your fellow quirksters below!