Designed To Sell

The Unconventional Guide to Creative Freedom
by Jen Adrion and Omar Noory + Chris Guillebeau + other creative entrepreneurs

This guide is an overview of every step in the process of selling your art. It is great for creators who are just beginning and feel overwhelmed about where and how to start. I would not recommend it to someone already comfortable selling their art because it’s more of an overview and, as the name implies, a “guide” of the steps to take. There are key takeaways for every step which will help you bypass mistakes and focus your efforts. The most in-depth section was “Part 1: Your Big Idea”. This was particularly helpful for me because I have no shortage of ideas! Seeing the big picture, as laid out in this guide, has helped me to clarify which idea to start with first.

My favorite part of this guide is the language. As a highly creative person when I imagine starting a business, the mission feels crazy and impossible. Reading regular business books, I often have to adjust to the new lingo AND try to integrate the concepts. But, the way this guide is written makes me think, “wow, this could actually be do-able.”

The Extras…
Road Map to Creative Freedom – The action steps at the end of each section of the guide are helpful, but the road map has a clear overview of the entire process.

The Big IDEA List – This is especially helpful to spark new ideas and for those looking to add a new item outside of their normal craft.

Social Media for Artists – This super simple strategy can help you stay focused to get in and get out before you are sucked into the social media abyss!

Creative Business Resources – Jam-packed with goodies. I will definitely be referring back to this in the future.

Perfect Pitching Guide – Straight-forward components with examples that you can follow for pitching your work.

E-commerce Comparison Chart – This chart compares the differences between four of the major e-commerce options.

The Ultimate Pricing Toolkit – Five documents to help you with pricing. (With spreadsheets that don’t give me a headache!)

Interviews – I’m still making my way through these, but it’s been encouraging to hear their stories. A confidence booster for sure.

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