Dive into the unknown


Last year, despite a debilitating fear of heights, somehow I found myself in Costa Rica strapped into a zip-line harness overlooking an “impossible” valley of enormity.

In that moment, literally shaking and trying not to pass out, I realized it was about trust. The unknown was incomprehensibly terrifying with everything up to and thereafter completely out of my control.

Yet, I still had to trust that I would make it to the other side. I still had to jump.

I took a deep breath, lifted my feet, and finally let go. As I woooshed across the valley, the beauty of this foreign perspective was exhilarating. Unlike anything I had ever experienced before.

Safely with my feet back on the ground, a goofy smile mixed with tears came bursting from my heart. An explosion within. Confusion and clarity all at once.

After that, I decided to dive into the unknown. Where else could I “jump”? In what ways could I let go and trust more?

Within the infinity of the unknown, I’ve discovered far more than I ever thought was possible.

And, that’s precisely the mystery.

When you allow for the un-knowing
There are no limits.

When have you trusted in the unknown and been surprised with the outcome? (Share in the comments below.)