Do you know the way?

When is it enough?
When is it too much?

When to pause?
When to give it all you got?

Like a pendulum, we are seeking our center. A sweet spot of peace.

Enough fire for warmth, but not too much that we burn up.
Enough water we are hydrated, but not to much that we drown.

​There is no definitive answer.
Yet, we are each on our own path, so we are trying to find our way.

We listen to others to help guide our way, to show us a new way we hadn’t known of, but it’s easy to lose our voice among all of the other voices. To lose our way when facing so many different paths we could take.

What if even in the choosing of the path, you are discovering yourself?

What if it’s not about which way you go, but the way in which you go about choosing?

QT no.13 There is no "one way". Only experiments of life to discover the subtleties of who we are.