I have a friend. She is awesome. I admire her truthy, wild, loving, fully alive way she shows up in the world.

She is taking a scary leap soon.

She shared with me how someone had cheered her on for making such a big change and yet also unintentionally shaken her by saying, “You are too much, no wonder you didn’t make it in that environment!”

Every single one of us has been told we’re too this or too that. More than likely it’s said with a tone of judgement. Like woah, you shouldn’t be as much as you are being. But, even like this instance, where it was with a tone of celebration, we feel like anything “too much” needs to be changed.

This makes us turn down the volume and squash ourselves into more manageable, bite-size portions.

But, screw that.

I love my friend in all of her much-ness.
She is much more than boring.
She brings much aliveness.
She makes me feel much more with her much-ness.

She is not “too much”.

So, next time someone refers to you as “too much”, feel free to remind yourself… you’re fantasmuch too ;)

I am fantasmuch!