Freedom of a Feather


Not all freedom is the same.

Imagine each of us as feathers.

We come from a bird and from the beginning we are attached to this bird just like all the rest of our feather friends.

One day this bird takes flight and we feel the freedom of flying. With the air between our soft bristles, we are carried to far lands we’ve never seen before.

Our bird nourishes, protects, and even cleans us.

This can be likened to the journey of life.

We are born with a path for us to grow up, learn, work, and live.

Our bird is society and culture. The life path that is prepared by our parents, and their parents, and their parents before that, and so on and so on. Evolving into the expectations we consider for what is normal. Work, family, love, and life.

We can experience the joy and freedom of flying, but are we truly free being attached to this bird?

Now imagine what happens to a feather when it detaches from a bird.

It gets swept up in the wind and floats wildly in every direction.

Exploring. Tasting. Seeing. Touching. A little of this. A little of that.
And then wooooshing back into the air for some more!

This is another version of freedom that is quite different.

It is the path less traveled. It is the breaking from the normalcy and expectations of how we are supposed to live. It is the risk takers, the rebels, those who do what others are too scared to do. To let go of the comfortable safety of attachment.

Detached from a bird you may be flying right alongside a feather plucked into a bird, both feeling the freedom within the same gust of wind, but are your freedoms the same? Who is choosing your freedom?

This is when we allow our desires of the wind to move us, guide us, but are we truly free being swept up by the wind so easily?

Now imagine what happens to a feather when the wind begins to settle.

This is inner peace. You’ve explored and experimented and have chosen to softly land.

This is when you find a place within yourself that is neither pushing nor pulling. Centered.

This is when you may decide you’d like to be a part of a nest. Or maybe you’d like to float on the water. Or you choose that you’d like to find your way into a young girl’s hair as she pretends to be Pocahontas.

Whatever the choice, the freedom is in the choosing, but what happens when we choose to be something other than a feather? Are we truly free when we are still constrained by our limitations of just being a feather?

This is the part of the journey where few find themselves. And even fewer have the tools, resources, support, and courage to break free from their identity.

This is the destruction of the ego. This is the darkness, the breaking down of every cell, the complete transformation before the rebirth.

You want the result of freedom of infinite possibility, but you must learn to understand and embrace the full process.

It is far from easy. It is far from sunshine and rainbows. You are in the muck, disintegrating in the dirt.

You are challenging everything you think you know.

You are diving deeply into the unknown.

When you are in complete darkness within the unknown, where you have lost your way, that is when you must leap to find your own wings. You fly to find the light only you have the faith to see. This is where you will find your true freedom.

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