Gilit Cooper


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What does it mean to you to be quirky and what do you love about it?
To me, being quirky means being me. That goes for everything from belting out Queen while I’m making some decorations (no, I cannot sing well) or speaking in a random accent to my kids (my 3 year old thinks it’s funny). It also means that while I am open to new people and ideas, I stay true to myself regardless of the funny looks.

What’s a secret, unusual talent that you have?
I am oddly incredible at picking things up with my toes. Don’t be jealous, I can totally teach you.

:: Quest ::

Where do you find your mojo?
Ha, I always say I’ve lost my mojo when I’m tired so I guess sleep is where it’s at! Honestly though, I find my mojo when I’m surrounded by good, happy people (preferably my little family)

Explain one experiment you’ve done that changed your life:
Not to sound too heavy, but: trust. There was that one time when I completely let myself go and trusted this amazing guy I met. Fast forward 7 years and he’s my husband and the most incredible father to our two kids.

What’s your favorite recent discovery for…
Your home: I love rediscovering my home decorating books on the weekend and getting re-inspired to make our home happy, functional, and pretty.
Your body: I was recently running around with my son and forgot how good it felt to run with abandon. It was fantastic.
Your belly: Stew. It’s so filling and comforting- I highly recommend it.
Your soul: ONCE on Broadway. That music fills my soul to the brim and seeing it on Broadway… it’s still got me smiling.
Music: Um…. see previous answer (is that allowed?)
Writing: The Art of Hearing Heartbeats by Jan-Philipp Sendker, it’s sad but so exquisitely written.
Art: I recently discovered Luke Haynes at the American Folk Art Museum at the Damsels in Design party- I love the juxtaposition of quilting and humor

:: Mission ::

How do you celebrate the deliciousness of being quirky?
I celebrate it by embracing it and not apologizing for it

What is your #1 tip for a fellow quirkster?
At the end of the day, if you tune out all the distractions and listen to yourself, you will know what to do.

About: I’m a mom, wife, blogger, and soon to be small business owner (WOO!)