Go Deep


Have you ever met someone and sent a follow-up message that said, “It was really great to meet you! Hope to connect more with you soon.“?

An experiment for you is to go deeper.

Why was it really great to meet this person? What did you notice about them or your conversation that made it so great?

Wouldn’t you rather receive a message that says something like, “It was really great to meet you! Our conversation on the shift you are making into your new job really helped me clarify some things. It was also inspiring to see your enthusiasm. I’m so curious to hear how it goes! Let’s keep in touch.

When you take a few moments to go that extra step, you make a greater impact. You remind them of who you are and give them a reference point to remember you by.

This example is more likely for a networking situation, but can be a philosophy to apply to friendships as well.

We all want to feel appreciated and if you had a great time with someone, go deep and express why.

I guarantee the connections you make will become more open and more satisfying for both of you!