Life’s Hard Choices #Chipotle


As humans, we make decisions everyday out of fear or desire. Fear keeps us safe and alive and desire is what makes life worth living. Both voices are equally important. But for much of my life these two voices have been adversaries in my head and the fear voice usually wins out.

You see I have a love affair with Chipotle, and I am always conflicted when it comes to choosing the meat I want in my taco salad that day. Why do I have to choose just one meat, when I want a little bit of all of them?!?! “Because that is what the rules are, Derrick. You can choose one meat for your salad.” Says a voice in my head.

Well today was a different day! I realized it was a voice in my head and that there was no actual law stating I could not have more than one meat. I was telling myself “no” before even asking the Chipotle Gods (a.k.a. the employee making my taco salad) if I could have more than one meat. I decided to take this a step further! Instead of, just asking permission if I could have more than one meat, I went 100% for my desire and boldly asked for half steak/half carnitas!! To my delight, he said yes without even thinking twice. Then I asked for medium and hot salsa. The same response: yes!

As I am checking out, my mind is completely blown and I’m smiling ear to ear at this discovery. Except, this discovery wasn’t just about finding out that I could order multiple meats at Chipotle. It was discovering another belief that I could only ask for one thing at a time. What areas of my life am I telling myself that I can only choose or have one thing at time?

This discovery at Chipotle was one of the first times that the desire voice won and not by beating down the fear voice, but by acknowledging it’s gift of protection and saying, “I love your protection and your protection is not needed in this moment. Thank you.”

Next time you are making a decision, slow down and listen to your inner dialogue. Which voice is making the decision, fear or desire?

written by: Derrick Plunk


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Day 5 :: Choice

~> Where in your life are you limiting yourself to only one thing?

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