Hayley Lau


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What does it mean to you to be quirky and what do you love about it?
being quirky means being aware of the infinite possibilities that we have to express ourselves, through our clothes, our possessions, our words, our actions, our bodies, and consciously choosing based on what delights us, regardless of what is common or what we see in those around us.
i love the endless possibilities.
i love deciding with my heart and soul (which always feels unconventional, because my path is unique to me).
i love that feeling of discovering that I’M NOT ACTUALLY THE ONLY ONE who feels or wants or does some interesting little (or big) thing. i believe that the only reason we might feel we’re the only one is because we haven’t accepted that thing about ourselves. i find that after i accept myself in that area, others magically show up, since my acceptance enabled me to become open to them.

What’s a secret, unusual talent that you have?
i am amazing at only participating in conversations that interest me.

:: Quest ::

Where do you find your mojo?
in my desire.
if i don’t TRULY want something, if i’m doing it just for money or approval or something besides soul, my motivation is zero and every step feels like lugging train cars along with me.
but when i DO truly want something, i have tremendous energy for it.
going after what i really want means growing as a person, and when i allow this process to happen, i’m in charge of regulating my progress so that i’m in tune with my own pace and rhythm. i need to be open to allowing myself to stop as well as allowing myself to take a next step.

Explain one experiment you’ve done that changed your life:
i worked as a sex worker for a short time. i believe that sex is the most powerful healer that exists, it’s just that this culture doesn’t yet utilise it in this way. i didn’t plan to be a sex worker, and i never before thought it was something that i would be interested in or prepared to do. but one day, my friend said that she was looking into doing it herself. and something in me just clicked and i went to a brothel the next day to see about a job. my desire was just naturally stronger than my doubt.
i only ever actually worked with one private client, but the whole process of learning about the industry, and being a part of the industry, led me to a deep and profound understanding about sexuality, about relationships, about trust and connection and vulnerability.

What’s your favorite recent discovery for…
Your home: Spaciousness is more important than more.
Your body: Coconut oil as a delicious body moisturiser! (As is semen, when it is kindly made available.)
Your belly: In public, the settling into myself that happens when I relax it out instead of holding it in is more important than what people think about my weight and appearance.
Your soul: I am attuned to a level of consciousness that most people haven’t become aware that they have access to yet. Knowing that, I can hold myself in my reality at the same time as holding another person in theirs, accepting that I won’t be met where I am at.
Music: The songs that I find myself humming or singing carry messages of guidance or knowing. Right now the song in my head is ‘Once Upon Another Time’ by Sara Bareilles.
Writing: I choose to give it all away for free forever. This means I can be free.
Art: Not creating something I can see doesn’t mean I’m not creating. Every moment is art.

:: Mission ::

How do you celebrate the deliciousness of being quirky?
By living it, loving it, being it, as fully as I can. The experience of being at home in myself and in life is the celebration.

What is your #1 tip for a fellow quirkster?
to be yourself is always job one. to be more you is the answer to any issue or situation, in whatever way that looks — more quiet, more bold, more strange, more vulnerable, more powerful — more anything within that is wanting to be expressed.

About: i’m a lover, writer and artist dedicated to unearthing whole expression and divine connection.