Hilary Dare


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What does it mean to you to be quirky and what do you love about it?
Nobody else could ever be me. I am quirky because I am unique.

What’s a secret, unusual talent that you have?
I can accomplish and understand difficult things and situations, yet I struggle with simple tasks/problems.

:: Quest ::

Where do you find your mojo?
I am naturally kind and compassionate which makes me calm and some people especially men can misinterpret it as flirting. I find my mojo when I am by myself in my own comfortable apartment or somewhere quiet where I can concentrate and be myself to do what I need to do. Most times, I need to stretch and meditate first which also gives me my mojo.

Explain one experiment you’ve done that changed your life:
I love having structure, and one experiment of mine was to not be so rigid with my structure which opened me to people that could help me start my company. In a simple way of explaining it, I went to a bar by myself and started talking to random people. Usually I am too shy to just randomly talk to strangers.

What’s your favorite recent discovery for…
Your home: I need to repaint my bedroom yet I cannot afford anyone to help me.
Your body: I get frequent swimmer’s ear from my salt baths.
Your belly: is creative and smart (intuition)
Your soul: My soul is very wise.
Music: Retro.
Writing: Emotional.
Art: Romantic.

:: Mission ::

How do you celebrate the deliciousness of being quirky?
I have a glass of red wine with my dinner on a regular mundane day, a dessert, and on really special milestones and occasions I love celebrating with French Champagne. Yoga and a salt bath also helps and counts as a celebration.

What is your #1 tip for a fellow quirkster?
When someone tells you that you are “weird”, take it as a compliment overall because nobody can never ever be the special unique quirky YOU.

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