I See You :: Camp GLP 2015


I went to Camp Good Life Project again this year. WOW. Mind-blowing. Again.

Last year, I shared a portion of The Declaration of the QuirkNation for the camp talent show. It was a life-changing moment for me to be on stage raw and real.


We wrote a song!

My best friend, Virginia Wilcox, is amazing, and I’m totally biased by her awesomeness. She also went to camp.

We both have histories as professional singers/actresses, so we decided to write and sing a song together for the talent show this year.

We only had time to share the chorus, but the full song is about our story of how we became friends.


Our story of magic.

January 2014, I was feeling alone, unseen, and misunderstood, but continued to put myself out there. I led a book club on The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte. Merely 1 week after a traumatic ending of a romance, I needed to lead a group discussion on our desires. WTF. Serendipity or untimely cruelty?

Virginia found my little book club online, google stalked me as the leader, and secretly declared we were going to be friends.

I found this out a few weeks later when she proclaimed to me… “Just so you know, we’re going to be friends.

And friends we surely became!

We’ve giggled together, sobbed together, loved together, felt loss together, gotten lost together, discovered together, made things together, made things for each other, danced together, taken naps together, and schemed and dreamed and shared adventures together.

Sometimes I look back at our friendship and it feels like a fairytale.


“I See You”

Seeing, yet feeling so unseen.
Yet, I still had the courage to let myself be known.
She showed up and made me feel not so alone.

We captured the moment on video thanks to our awesome new friend.

The meta-ness is pretty hilarious, so I bust out into laughter and shake it off with a wiggle mid-way through.