Jodi Good


:: Lifestyle ::

What does it mean to you to be quirky and what do you love about it?
To me it means not censoring yourself. Open up and own it!

What’s a secret, unusual talent that you have?
I can impersonate Shakira

:: Quest ::

Where do you find your mojo?
I don’t have mojo

Explain one experiment you’ve done that changed your life:
experiment..reading “many lives, many masters” haha I was REALLY skeptical. The last time I had read a chapter book for enjoyment was 4 years ago :0 This book had a big impact on my life.

What’s your favorite recent discovery for…
Your home: you can use dishwasher tablets to clean your toilet! two for one!
Your body: Tea tree oil! for everything! hair, skin, piercings! look into it people!
Your belly: pineapple/banana smoothie with a DROP of heavy creme. mm tastes like an ice cream shake ( well close enough)
Your soul: helping others (even when you don’t want to)
Music: Adam Cohen (Leonard’s son) WOW
Writing: the literature blogs on Tumblr.
Art: I am not artistically inclined at all but I love Dessert Art! People are so creative!

:: Mission ::

How do you celebrate the deliciousness of being quirky?
Indulge in what makes you smile. I just bought myself an 8 foot trampoline and put it inside my NYC apt! you deserve it for being you!

What is your #1 tip for a fellow quirkster?
Never apologize for who you are!

About: Jodi is a New York-based singer/songwriter, making a name for herself by being bold. Authentic. And definitely different. Jodi’s songwriting skills and vocal talents go well beyond her years and are what have been impressing fans both young and old since the release of her EP “Definitely Different.” The EP is available on iTunes, here: With a musical style best described as “empowering pop,” a richly soulful voice, and highly defined songwriting talents, Jodi is taking the scene by storm. Her 5-track EP is a vibrant combination of vulnerable and uplifting lyrics with a mesmerizing melodic sense. Jodi teamed up with Jimmy Landry to produce the album. Landry and Jodi’s combined efforts result in a wonderfully expansive EP that expresses the depth and diversity of Jodi’s artistry. “Definitely Different” is a title Jodi wears. It represents the courage she’s had to overcome her paralyzing shyness and her deep-seated insecurities. Jodi’s passion for singing began at a ripe age of 4. Growing up, Jodi found solace in writing poetry and singing, and by 11, had put these passions together and emerged an innately gifted songwriter. She flourished at a performing arts high school, and later, earned a scholarship from Berklee College Of Music. “When I got it in, I took it as a sign that maybe I really was ‘good enough'” she says. After an enriching two-year study at Berklee, she moved back home, to Long Island, before making the brave step to move to Manhattan to pursue a career as a professional musician.