The King Kiwi Salad


Prep: 10 min
Servings: 2

1 head of romaine lettuce
1/2 green bell pepper
1/2 cucumber
(bell pepper + cucumber are part of the “dirty dozen” – buy only organic)
2 small kiwi (or 1 large)
1 tbs pumpkin seeds
1 tbs sunflower seeds
1/4 lemon
1 tbs olive oil (walnut oil is also yummy)

The King Kiwi Salad - Ingredients

**gluten free, dairy free, soy free, sugar free, grain free

1. Chop the romaine (1 head), (1/2) bell pepper, and (1/2) cucumber into bite-sized pieces and place them into a large bowl.

2. Peel and dice the (2 small or 1 large) kiwi and then add to bowl.

3. Sprinkle on the pumpkin (1 tbs) and sunflower (1 tbs) seeds.

4. Squeeze the juice from the (1/4) lemon and drizzle the olive oil (1 tbs) onto the salad.

5. Toss the salad and enjoy!

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The King Kiwi Salad - Eating Quirky

The King Kiwi Salad