A Letter From Your Quirk


Dear Michael,

I am the quirky voice in your head. At this very moment I control your fingers as you type these words. But I am not all of you. I share space with other voices, all of them less quirky than me. Each of us has something valuable to say to you, a gift to bring to your life. Taken together our gifts are cosmic in scope. When inspected at close range, differences can be seen. There is a distinctly not-quirky voice in here too. But I am your quirky voice and here I am typing.

In all humility there is something special about me. I bring you something no other voice brings. I bring you quirk. I am the spring in your step, the smile on your face. I am the light in the center of you that is easily covered but never extinguished. Life is challenging, at times the shadows seem endless. It’s important that you listen to me. I can guide you no matter how dark it is because I am light, your light. I bring you a treasure no money can buy, a pleasure that even sex cannot touch. I have a message for you now, so listen up.

Many people do not live the quirkiest life they possibly can. You can see them on the street, or on television. Their faces are drawn, tense, anxious. They talk about the future as if it frightens them. They are not listening carefully to their own quirky voice. It is important to know this, to accept and transcend it. Be careful of the thought-snare that says, “It doesn’t matter what other people do.” It matters. You are a social animal and you are designed to live in relationship with those around you. If everyone jumped off a bridge, you wouldn’t jump, but you would consider it. Many people live less than quirky lives. Many people ignore their own quirky voice. It’s not quirky to judge others, but in order to be quirky you must acknowledge and transcend the limitations of yourself, and others. Don’t try to change people (unless it’s the really quirky thing to do), but don’t let them change you unknowingly. Being quirky is hard, being quirky is lonely. Often, when looking at the values of society, being quirky feels like going against the flow. Don’t let that stop you!

There is a flipside to this. Everyone is a little bit quirky, and most people would like to be more quirky. As a quirky person, you have a special place in the world. Because you do listen to me, you can see reflections of me in others. You can point out and celebrate their quirk. This takes practice, some people are shy about their quirkiness and try to keep it secret. But keep trying, because it’s good for people to support each other’s quirk. You can learn to bring joy to others just by celebrating their quirkiness, no matter how subtle. Perhaps that will come back to you, and someone will celebrate me! If that happens, I beg you, go out of your way to befriend them. If they are shy, don’t be daunted. I need all the help I can get.

There’s another important reason I really want you to have quirky friends. In order to be quirky, it’s important to break the rules. Which rules? Well, to be really quirky you have to be willing to consider breaking any of them. This can feel scary and wrong, because some of the rules, like DO NOT CAUSE HARM, seem sacrosanct. This is where friends come in. Sometimes, to break new ground in your quirkiness, you have to break a rule you have never broken before. Before you do, talk to your quirky friends. They will almost always be able to steer you in the right direction.

But there are times when, to be quirky, you have to do things that almost everyone in your life does not understand or approve of. Leaving a job, ending a relationship, moving to a new city, breaking social taboos, these things can seem disastrous from the outside, but may be essential for the continuation of quirkiness in your life. They can also cause harm. When making big decisions there is one simple guideline I would like you to follow. It’s the Golden Rule. Do the quirky thing that you would wish another in your place would do, even if it hurts. Pain is a part of life. Live a life in which the pain comes from the choice to be quirky, rather than the choice to be safe. If you do this, I promise I will continue to guide you.

There are other voices, inside and outside, less quirky than me. Some of them would guide you elsewhere. You are almost forty-four years old. Because you follow my guidance you work as a line-cook two days a week. You have to scrimp and save; you live on a shoestring. I have asked you to make life choices that create ample time for my creativity. These choices appear to do very little to secure a financially safe future in a predictable way. When people learn about these choices they often scowl and talk about things like responsibility and reality. That’s fair, everyone is entitled to their opinion. My only response is your smile. It is on your face most of the day, every day. It comes easily in pleasure and in pain. The people you most admire compliment you on it. You and I both know that if you were working more hours for a financially stable future, that smile would be rare indeed. You don’t really believe that the future will be better if you have money, and neither do I. You believe that the future will be better if you are able to greet it with a genuine smile as it arrives, no matter what it brings.

Be life’s quirky dance partner. Let the light of your life illuminate the shadows. Thank you for heeding me. Your trust is the source of my light. I love you.

michael-hullMichael Hull is a Cavalier of Pentacles in the Jodorosky tradition of Tarot. Michael just made that up, but it’s true. Michael spends his weekends working as a line cook in the art installation/restaurant called Traveler’s Thali House in Seattle. He spends his weekdays following his quirky voice where it leads. Michael is engaged in a three-way artistic collaboration with his life-partner and his mother. None of their collaborative work has been published…yet. Michael is always on the lookout for genuine, quirky friends. Feel free to contact Michael via EMAIL.