Lucie Boshier


:: Lifestyle ::

What does it mean to you to be quirky and what do you love about it?
To me being quirky is embracing ones inner creativity and humor. It is about living authentically and celebrating our eccentricities – whatever they might be! I love seeing people express their unique take on the world.

What’s a secret, unusual talent that you have?
I love to sing! I sing very weird and impromptu (sometimes obscene) songs in private. I’m not sure if it’s a talent, but it helps my husband and me to laugh!

:: Quest ::

Where do you find your mojo?
By doing what I can to educate and inspire others to live with compassion.

Explain one experiment you’ve done that changed your life:
I experimented for a long time to become vegetarian and eventually vegan. This lifestyle has helped me to live more consciously and with an emphasis on service.

What’s your favorite recent discovery for…
Your home: Living simply! My husband and I recently downsized to a much smaller apartment. We are so much happier – living with less is liberating!
Your body: Blessing my body through gratitude and prayer – being thankful for health and vitality.
Your belly: Raw and living foods – lots of green juice and raw chocolate helps me to connect with my heart and creativity. One of my favorite raw chocolate bars is Sacred Chocolate created by David Wolfe.
Your soul: Chanting. I have recently started chanting a Buddhist Lotus Sutra “Nam-myoho-renge-kyo” morning and evening. It helps me to feel centered, connected and calm.
Music: Elijah and The Band of Light – I have seen them a couple of times live. Beautiful, conscious and healing music.
Writing: I recently read Wild by Cheryl Strayed – totally life affirming book. Daring and heart-warming. It is currently being made into a film starring Resse Witherspoon.
Art: Spiritual paintings and deities at the Rubin Museum

:: Mission ::

How do you celebrate the deliciousness of being quirky?
By always trying to live authentically and expressing myself truthfully without worrying what others may think.

What is your #1 tip for a fellow quirkster?
Live from your heart and follow your truth.

About: Lucie Boshier is a writer and designer from New Zealand living in New York. She draws inspiration widely from different aspects of the Wild Woman and Goddess archetypes. Her path has led her to focus intensely on the spiritual healing and well being that come from adopting a yogic and vegan lifestyle. Her vision is to bring to women of all ages a groundbreaking new approach in exploring the sacredness of their femininity and embracing a compassionate and conscious lifestyle.