We’ve secretly been brewing up magic

And, it feels time to let some light in!

You see… it happening really organically. People started asking me questions, so I said: “well, let’s have a conversation about this.” And, we began going deep. Reeeeaaally deep.

Honestly, I’ve been blown away by wha happens during and after these conversations. I resisted these because I didn’t want to be a “Life Coach”. I’m still finding the language to convey what happens during these conversations, but so far the best word is “magic”.

Magic, to me, is something you just can’t quite explain. As if there are other mysterious factors occurring that create exponential results.

I may not know how or when, but each conversation something extraordinary happens.

– It might be immediate, such as when I had a conversation with a client who was able to release the anxiety he’d been holding on to for almost 20 years. Poof, it was gone! Now, he is lit up with excitement of all of the possibilities and we are discovering his unique purpose.

– Or within a week, when another client went from lost and confused to having the clarity to identify her feelings and express them around a very intense emotional situation.

– Or it may be over a few months, where the insights through our conversations increased one of my client’s contract rates by 1000%!

The path and the results are specific to the individual. I’m not telling you what to do or how to be. I help you find your own path. I use an intuitive, highly sensitive approach in tailoring the conversation. I give every ounce of my attention and vast experiences to sense into what is needed most.

Why is that helpful? Sometimes, we are so immersed in our world that it’s hard to have perspective. We struggle to see our path. I know this to be true even for myself which is why I personally have a LOT of outside support to help me see that which I’m unable to see.

I absolutely love my role as a pathfinder for my clients, and it takes a lot of energy which is why I’ve been working by invitation only with a handful of people. I am highly invested and I ask for the same in return. And, that’s why my clients have massive results. I work with people in monthly retainer style basis starting at $1,000 per month. Aside from the money investment, there is an energy and emotional investment, and that type of commitment is not for everyone.

A few weeks ago, I offered an email chat to help you with anything you were struggling with and the response was astonishing. I heard from so many of you and it felt incredible to be able to interact and give to you in that way.

This inspired me to offer you something special…

$249 for a 2 hour deep dive conversation focused entirely on you and your current challenges. We can talk about whatever is important to you right now in life, business, or relationships. Such as: finding your genius, moving through your emotions, sharing your voice boldly and authentically, or how to experience both the dark and the light.
Even if you don’t specifically what you’d like to talk about, I am an enthusiastic, intuitive detective and guarantee you will experience massive benefits.

People I’ve worked with have experienced things like:

“Christina has a brilliant gift of helping people find clarity within confusion. She is a great listener, and embodies a rare blend of gentleness, compassion, and directness.”

“I am more comfortable sharing my true experiences and feelings.”

“Within 24 hours, I’m already taking action on things I’ve been putting off for weeks, and sometimes nearly 2 full months.”

“Christina created an amazing space for me to engage with important questions that really helped flesh out new ways to give myself more fully to the most important relationships in my life.”

“After my session with Christina, I had a MASSIVE mindset shift. My fear turned into excitement. It was like the imminent fear I had melted away and transformed into… I can only describe it as – everything just feels like an interesting experiment vs. a life-or-death situation. It’s incredibly liberating. I feel like I’ve shifted from amateur mindset to pro-mindset.”

I believe in this so much that if at the end of our conversation you don’t feel it was worth it, I’ll refund your money on the spot.

Sound like a deal?

Buy a magical conversation with me here.

One last thing…
I invite you to check in with yourself. What do you feel in your body? Do you feel an intuitive nudge that we have something important to explore together? Every single time I have followed that feeling, I’ve found insane growth and results. Trust that feeling. Even if there is also fear or doubt. Both fear and the hope for something amazing can exist together. You get to choose which one to act on.


p.s. I’m only offering these for the next month (Until December 13th), and I can accommodate your schedule to find a time between now and then. We can meet in New York City or online via Skype.

p.p.s. You don’t “need” me. You already have everything you need within you. The question to ask yourself is, do you want my guidance? Do you want me to help shine a light on something you cannot see yet and in a gentle honesty tell you what no one else would dare to say while simultaneously cheering you on as your biggest fan? If yes, let’s get started here!