Move & Groove


1. Pick a song you love that makes you want to move.

2. When you are all alone in your room, crank up the music and just start moving.

3. In no particular way, or reason, just starting moving your body.

4. This is an experiment in feeling what your body is wanting, so as you are moving just try things out. Wiggle your arm. Pretend you are molasses and move. really. sloooowly. Or jump up and down “jump up, jump up, and get down!”

5. Give yourself at least one song of playing with movement. Move however feels good to your body! Try as much as you can to let go of doing the “right” movements.

6. After the song is over, take a moment to ask yourself, “What does it feel like?” “Do you feel different?” “Were you still holding back in any way?”

Report back in the comments!