Want an out of the ordinary conversation? Ask for it!


Poking my head out from the quirk-cave!

Sometimes I find myself in the quirk-cave. 
This is a place for me of intense depth and expansion and alchemy. 
A place where I experiment, create, breakdown, breakthrough, find clarity, and sometimes all at once.

When I’m in there, sometimes I can’t be in other places.
(still working on my cloning abilities! haha)

So, that’s why there has been some silence. The Quirk-Juice has been brewing.

The process took way longer than I intended or even wanted.
It all enfolds in its own timing.

Creating behind the scenes doesn’t have to mean silence

I’ve been devoting myself to a few important creations. And, I’d been pulling back from these Quirk-Juice letters to focus my efforts on those projects and for events here in NYC.

This morning I had a realization.

I really really miss you!

I don’t want to wait to finish those creations in order to re-connect with you.

I don’t need to have a big splashy return.

It’s enough to say, hello. You’ve been on my mind and in my heart. 

And, I’m so happy you’re still here to re-connect!

I have SO much to share with you coming hopefully sooooon. 

Until then, I’m going to keep these shorter + sweeter. Because writing more epic letters was feeling overwhelming. As always, I will offer what’s percolating inside me and in the world and hopefully offer some inspiration and insights.

Want an out of the ordinary conversation? Ask for it!

This summer, I wrote a lengthy letter about feeling undefinable. This is still oh so true. However, I’ve been playing with an alternate variation of talking about this quality.


Answering silly, hard questions with silly responses.

“What do you do?”

This is like starting off with an existential crisis question. WHO ARE YOU? Something we spend our entire lives discovering. You want me to answer that now? Shaping your perception of me from the beginning?!? 

So, instead, I’ve been infusing some humor and light-heartedness, responding with things like:
– I am a connection ninja.
– I host imagination playgrounds.
– I’m a professional wiggler. 

Then, I immediately follow up with a question to guide the conversation in a deeper direction.

I’m guessing you can relate to thinking: “I don’t like surface conversations. Small talk, bleh. Let’s get to the deeper, juicier topics!”

But, HOW do you do that?
Does there have to be an immediate, natural deep connection or can it be fostered?

​I believe connection can be fostered with anyone willing. 

So, what if we take the initiative and offer the invitation?

One of my recent favorite questions to ask is:

​”What’s something out of the ordinary that you’ve experienced recently?”

I LOVE conversing around things that are surprising, unconventional, and out of the ordinary. 

Which is why I started asking for it!!!

And, I’ve found it really livens up the conversation and people are always happy to talk about those things as well!

I’ve missed you and I’m curious what you’ve been up to!

I’ll turn the question over to YOU! What’s something out of the ordinary you’ve experienced recently?

Do you have any questions you love asking that foster interesting, deeper, silly, more connected conversations?

–> Say hello and share with us in the comments!

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