Get Paid To Be Yourself


Dear Quirk Juicers,

Today I’m here to sell you something. But it’s not a product it’s an idea, or rather an anti-idea.

You see most people think that if you’re fully, authentically your quirky self, you can’t be successful at selling. How could you? Sales and marketing require fitting into formulas. Using techniques, following scripts, and manipulating others.

Therefore if you want to sell something whether that be your art, your widgets, or yourself you’re left with two choices: be yourself or make the sale. Be yourself or get the job. Be yourself or make friends.

Throughout all of my experience of being a sales human I’ve learned that 100% of the time this idea is true, except for the fact that IT’S TOTALLY NOT.



And I’m here to explain exactly why it isn’t true.

Why being you is your most valuable personal and professional asset –

You may have noticed that there are a lot of businesses.

Like, a LOT.

Even within extremely specific markets and niches.

So what sets one business apart from another?

Why should you buy from one business instead of another?

The answer is simple and it’s called a unique selling proposition. This is the thing that makes you want to buy from one place or another.

For example, you know you go to that one coffee shop because they have tasty muffins, or their barista’s are cuter, or they have fast wi-fi. Well each of these are part of the unique selling proposition for the coffee shop.

Businesses spend a ton of time, money, and energy coming up with these. They hire marketing firms, branding agencies, graphic designers, social media staff, and so much more to give their companies personalities, styles, and souls.

They do all this so they can stand out from everyone else.

Basically they spend a lot of money to do something you can do just by being you. Because your biggest USP in business or in life is that you’re … YOU!

There is no one else in the world who is you. You have an idiosyncratic bundle of passions, skills, neuroses, history, and hobbies that are totally uniquely you.

In a world where companies spend millions of dollars trying to stand out, it is RIDICULOUS to try to hide your uniqueness. The things that set you apart from the rest of the world are the things that get you noticed and talked about.

And the more crowded the marketplace of businesses or people, the more powerful your uniqueness truly is.

For example,

– I know a woman who loves writing intensely theoretical academic articles. So her email drip campaigns for her online programs take the form of intensely theoretical academic articles. And her readers love it!
– I have another friend who loves hiking. When she’s moving her body in nature, she can’t help but feel fully herself. So she invites all her potential clients out on hikes. And if they click well on the hike, at the end they discuss working together. So much fun right?
– I know a man who’s 21 and runs his own company. Rather than trying to brush his age under the rug, he lets it be the first thing potential clients find out about him. Brilliant!!!!

Are there a few potential customers who get turned off by these practices?


Are there more who are inspired into becoming enthusiastic customers and avid sources of word-of-mouth because of the unique, novel, and radical authenticity of these business owners?

Wow! OMG! An even bigger Hell Yes!!!!

TRYING to be unique can come off as awkward, forced, and inauthentic. Just look at some of the bad marketing you see on the internet. It tries to be personal and ends up being cheesy as hell!

Which is why displaying your totally you uniqueness is an incredibly powerful marketing practice.

The shortcut to being great at selling yourself, your art, or your widget is not to ADD anything.

It’s to STOP HIDING all of who you are.

If you’re not standing out, it’s not because you’re missing something within yourself.
It just means you’re not standing fully naked in your quirky glory.

From what you post on FB, to how you structure your email campaigns, to what you share in the bio on your website— trying to cover up your quirk isn’t just unnecessary for your business and your life. It’s actually hurting it.

So if you’ve ever held yourself back from going after something because you were afraid of losing your authenticity or if you’ve ever hidden yourself because you’re afraid you might lose your business or your friends. CUT IT OUT!!!!

The world not only wants your uniqueness, it will make selling yourself or the thing you make easier than you ever imagined.

Dave Burns is a modern renaissance man with expertise in everything from progressive sexuality to sexy sales skills. He eschews the idea of having a website for a business which means you can find him by searching for him on Facebook or begging the god’s to send you a man that is both brilliantly funny and devilishly clever.