Explore the world through someone else’s eyes.

Today, let’s experiment with something a little different! 

Have you heard about Periscope yet?
They say it’s a way to, “Explore the world through someone else’s eyes.”
And how they wanted to build the closest thing to teleportation.

Basically… it’s a new mobile app to livestream video that’s sort of like a wild frontier people are experimenting with. 

The things that make it different from some of the other broadcasting platforms are:
– it’s raw and real which feels very personal and conversational 
– we can have a live conversation through live commenting
– the videos only last 24 hours
– and there are these really neat hearts where if enough people tap the screen, it’s called a “heart attack“. haha!

I’ve been really fascinated by it this week and would love to try one with YOU!

What: A live conversation on quirky. You’ll get the sneak peek into what my little quirky world looks like and since it’s meant to be a conversation after all… please feel free to bring your questions and topics!

When: Today at 1pm EST.

How: There are 3 simple things you need to do to join us today!

Step 1: Download the Periscope app to your mobile phone. Both iPhone and Android compatible. (You can watch via computer browser, but won’t be able to comment with us which is one of the best parts.)

Step 2: Find + follow @LivingQuirky on the app.

Step 3: Meet us in the Periscope app at 1pm EST!!!

p.s. If you can’t join at that exact time, feel free to email me your questions in advance and I’ll try to answer them live. The video will still be available for the next 24 hrs afterwards. (just search for @LivingQuirky on Periscope to find it)

Woohoo! I love experiments!!!! See you soon ;-)