The Ultimate Guide to Business Productivity for Couch Warriors

I wanted to review this article because I’ve been realizing my experience of working on my own from home is very different from others. Where others struggle, I thrive. And, I wanted to look deeper into what’s going on there.

I have sort of a unique story in that when I was 16 I moved from Chattanooga, TN to Los Angeles, CA for entertainment. So, I’ve been creating my own work since a young age. I tried the regular day job thing and it was quite the wake up call – realizing the things I do naturally, others do not. I think one of the biggest issues with being a “Couch Warrior” is that you get sucked into your own bubble. Which can produce really amazing creative works, but you lose a point of reference against the rest of the world. I love working independently, but going to events, collaborating and connecting with others is so crucial for me.

Now that you know a little about where I’m coming from, here are a few of my thoughts on this article:

“Forget about ‘work-life balance.'”
– A huge pitfall for new couch warriors is that the boundaries that used to exist in their pre-determined job are gone. Not to mention, if you’re starting something you’re passionate about… what do you do the rest of the time? Your passion hobby has just become your work. If you don’t find other things to do aside from your work, you will become all consumed in your work!

“… Keep another list just for ideas.”
– You won’t be able to do everything. But, you need to have the freedom to put all of your ideas somewhere. If they are swimming in your head, you will be trying to remember them. By writing them down, you will free up that space. I use a mix of spaces for this. #1 an unlined notebook for me to freeform ideas without structure. No editing, just flowing. #2 Evernote is where I take those first ideas and add in the editor voice. Giving structure, categorizing, strategizing, and planning.

“From your tasks list, choose 3 ‘MITs’ (Most Important Tasks) every morning to focus on.”
– If you don’t know what to focus on, then social media, emails, and such will mesmerize you for hours. Danger!

Overall, this is a really great post, but I feel like one key point is missed: you need to get amazing at saying “no”. You are everything now – the visionary, the task-manager, the marketer, the creator… everything. Before there were all these other people who were filters prior to the job that was designated to you. Which is a big reason why people go out on their own. But, you still need to be that filter for yourself. You are going to have to say “no” a lot more than you will say “yes”. The key is that when you say “yes”, you do it with everything that you’ve got!