The Promise of a Pencil

How an Ordinary Person Can Create Extraordinary Change
By: Adam Braun

I met Adam this past weekend at Jonathan Fields’ mind-blowing live event RevolutionU. I introduced myself to Adam and said how much I appreciated him and the amazing work he is doing with his organization, Pencils of Promise. This week he’s been featured with several other interviews due to his book launch. As his name and message was circulating, I kept feeling an inner tug that I still had something else to say. I began to write a message to him and this fell to the page as inspired by his philosophies:

in the ocean begins a raindrop
in the hurricane begins a whisper
in change begins a hope
in love begins a smile

in you begins a desire
in us begins an embrace
in this moment begins a breath
with a pencil begins a promise

a dream
a promise
of more

more than we’ve seen
more than we’ve come to believe
more than we’ve ever imagined to be possible

more change
more connection
more future in the simplest of gifts

more heart
more transformation
more of truly meaningful moments

an eraser for letting go of the excess
and a tool for discovering the essence
with a pencil,
more than a promise
is the possibility for magic