Quirk Invasion


Your mission… should you choose to accept it: DELIGHT

Are you ready for the Quirk Invasion?

All our lives people have asked us to fit into the boxes they created for us, well at Living Quirky we’re declaring today is the last day of living by cardboard container standards. Today we break out of the boxes and step into the pure strength of our QuirkPower.

Today we declare our Quirky Independence and we’d love for you to join us.

So what do you say? Are you ready for the Quirk Invasion?

What is the Quirk Invasion?

The Quirk invasion is a 7 day challenge designed to help you raise your quirk-flag and declare your QuirkPower!

Each day of the Quirk Invasion will kick off with the delivery of a letter written by some of the most inspiring quirksters we’ve ever met. These posts are designed to help you learn and claim your quirky birthright, they were written so that you know you’re not alone and not misunderstood, and they were curated to inspire you to make each day a day where you’re proud to share your quirk with the world around you.

At the bottom of each post will be a new Quirk Mission – These missions are simple questions that invite you to notice and love the amazing quirky parts of who you are.

Each mission will invite you to take the question and respond in your own quirky way. You might respond by sharing a story on Facebook. Or you might write a short quirky song about a question that stirred something in you. Or you might do something beyond what we could ever imagine.

What you do doesn’t matter, what matters is that you do something that inspires you and those around you to claim their QuirkPower and break free from the bonds of normalcy and mediocrity.

If you’d like more FUN, more CREATIVITY, and more MEANING in your life, then we hope you’ll join us, your fellow quirksters on September 7th through 14th on our quest to LET YOUR QUIRK OUT!!!

Alright I’m Ready, How Do I Join?

Unlike Political Fundraisers the Quirk Invasion is Completely Free and Virtual. All you have to do is sign up and show up!

STEP 1 :: COMMIT :: Enter your email below for the virtual RSVP. I’ll need it to send you all of the goodies!

STEP 2 :: READ :: Once a day you’ll get a new letter + challenge with a new Quirk Mission, take the time to read the post and the question and consider how you want to respond.

STEP 3 :: RESPOND :: Finally craft, create, and sculpt your response and share it with the the hashtags- #quirkinvasion and #living quirky. That way we can check out your magic and give you lots of good quirky loving celebrations. After all, you’re going to be engaging in meaningful silliness, you’ll want to share it with those who mean the most to you, right?!?!

It’s just that simple, so as soon as you’re ready, just drop your email below and join us in our quest to find community, to love ourselves, and rock the amazing quirkpowers inside each and every one of us.