Reveal Your Puzzle


I wrote a post about Life as a Puzzle.

Your mission… should you choose to accept it is to uncover the puzzle of your own life.

1. Take a moment to breathe and turn your senses inwards.

2. Imagine yourself as a giant puzzle with an infinite number of pieces.

Your physical body
Your thoughts
Your emotions
Your outside world
Your friends
Your work

All of the large pieces.

3. Then, focus on an area that feels like it wants attention.

4. Begin to look at how that piece is made up of even smaller pieces.

5. Soon you will start to see characteristics of the smallest pieces.

One of them might be broken.
Two pieces might fit perfectly together.
Or maybe even there are some missing pieces.

6. View your puzzle pieces from the outside without judgement or trying to fix them.

Just take them in as you would a regular puzzle spread out on a table.

7. Find a piece that you keep returning to.

8. And, talk to the piece and imagine it answering back.

Is there a hole in that piece? What’s something that would fill it?
Is there smile in that piece? Where might other pieces be that could connect with it?

9. Return to your day with your new insights in mind.

In the comments below, share your experiences of becoming a puzzle. What surprised you? How are you going to integrate what you discovered?