My nose
Isn’t your average nose
It’s taken me a while
To embrace it
There is no rulebook
For what to do with such a nose
And most people don’t “get it”
But that’s ok
My people see me
For all that I am

My best days include:
Christmas songs

My life’s mission:
To hold your desires

The story of why: My mother’s stocking said “Mom” and my father’s said “Dad”. When they separated, I noticed she didn’t put up her stocking so I asked why. She confessed it was because her stocking said “Mom” and there was no “Dad” next to it anymore. I decided to make this stocking for her that year with her name on it. She cried when I gave it to her.

The story of how: I made it using soft felt-like fabric on the outside with a velvety fabric inside and white fuzzy trim. The white snowflakes were stitched using white thread. It was entirely sewn by hand.