Send a love note


Why do we wait,
Until it’s too late?
Until it’s asked for?
Until we can’t find it?

I recently participated in a love note video for a dear friend who needed some love. A group of her friends each created a video clip of something. The clips were compiled and sent. Even when I watched the other clips, I felt so much joy from giving and sharing. Yet, it only took me 10 minutes.

I started wondering, why do we wait for someone to be in need?
Why does it take a tragedy to come together?

Quirkilicious Experiment:

Take a few minutes
See who pops into your mind
Create something for that person
Maybe share why you love them
Or maybe share something you they will love
Write it
Dance it
Paint it
Sing it
It doesn’t have to be mozart
It just needs to be honest

Did you try this experiment? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!