Stay on your train


Sometimes you receive an answer to a question you’ve been wondering. But, it comes in a tangible experience.

I had one of those recently.

I literally should have stayed on the train.

Here’s the story: I live in New York City and almost always take the same subway station going towards the same direction. This one day, I stepped on the train and sat down when the conductor announced something over the speakers that I couldn’t quite understand. I looked at the monitor and it said the opposite direction of the way that I wanted to go. I was a little tired so I thought “oh, he must have been trying to warn us it’s going the other way.” I jump off. The doors close. And, it leaves towards the direction I wanted to go.

I doubted what I knew and quite literally missed the train.

You see, this was particularly important because I had been working really hard in one direction and I was having a moment of doubt – wondering if I was headed in the right direction.

I may have missed the train, but I knew I had my answer. Stay on the “train” yo!

Think about where you are headed right now. Have you planned the route? Maybe you’ve even gotten on the train?

For sure, you need to keep your eyes open and if it’s not working then pivot.

But, it’s also important to remember: don’t jump off now at the slightest hint of doubt. Sometimes you just need to stay put and let the train take you to your destination!