A story about being Highly Sensitive


For most of my life, I was at war with my sensitivity.
Every tiny thing felt like a huge thing.
I felt so alone and confused by why others didn’t seem to be struggling with the same things as I was.
So, I tried to make myself tougher and more resilient.
Thinking I needed to be something different, better in order to be successful in this world.

Eventually, my body couldn’t take it anymore. I broke. I got really sick. And, no doctors could tell me why all if it had happened.

So, Google became my best friend and I discovered a genetic trait of high sensitivity where 20% of the population process sensory data much more deeply and thoroughly due to a biological difference in our nervous systems.


Among my searches, I stumbled across Ane Axford.
Instant love, I felt like she was talking about the things no one else I knew could.
She wrote about how being highly sensitive is often misunderstood and we don’t have to live in spite of, but can thrive and lead WITH our sensitivity.

I began following her online for a year before I reached out. I had this intense gut feeling we’d work well together and so I sent a vulnerable email saying I didn’t know if she was looking for help, but I’m raising my hand. It just so happened a few weeks before, she’d expressed with someone quietly her desire for someone just like me.

Woah. Again.

She took me under her wing and taught me how to create my life based on what I need. Not squashing my needs in order to fit into the existing ways of the world. And, together we began creating ways to share this message with many others.

Eventually, Ane wrote a book. A children’s book for adults. We joined together with a few other artists to co-create a very special video for you and it’s finally here:

Numinous + Voluminous

This creation is incredibly special to me and I hope you will enjoy it as well!