The Birthday Month Experience


How did they go from the best thing to happen all year to just another day, another number?
When did we go from loving to play and imagine to drowning our life in reality tv shows?
Why has the balance of work shifted to take over the necessity of giving ourselves experiences of love and joy?

My dear friend, Stephanie Watanabe, is on a mission to change that.
She created The Birthday Month Experience – 31 days of celebrating YOU!

My birthday is on Halloween. Yep, October 31st.

I have a love / hate feeling for this. I seriously love Halloween, but it becomes a choice. Me or the holiday?

Maybe that’s why I signed up right away for Stephanie’s program.

Because I wanted to celebrate myself beyond October 31st when the rest of the world dresses up and pretends to be someone (or something) else for a night.

But, I also feel like this is a practice that I sucked at horribly for a long time and have only recently been integrating self-care into my life.

I know how valuable shifting your mindset in this way can be. Instead of, “what is one more work task I can finish before I collapse” to “I feel done for the day, right now I’d love ___, so that’s what I’m going to give to myself.”

Which thought pattern are you more likely to find yourself in?

I still catch myself pushing to do more. I try to check in as often as I can with what I’m actually wanting. If I’m enjoying a project, then I’ll continue. If I’m feeling maxed out, then I’ll do something that makes me feel rejuvenated.

This October 2013, I received daily emails from the program and tried to start my day off by reading them and doing the experiments. I honestly didn’t always have a chance to do the experiment, but I at least made sure that I read them and kept the intention throughout my day.

The best takeaways from the experience were:

#1 – Practices that I can continue to integrate into my life, all year round.

#2 – Realizing how far I’ve come. How tough I used to be on myself vs. how much more I allow myself to give and receive love.

I highly recommend The Birthday Month Experience. Love your birthday. Love yourself. There’s never too much love.

***UPDATE: The program is no longer available, however, you can still check out these great articles from her:
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