The YOUest YOU

Keeping it short + sweet today. First, a quick message from Dr. Seuss:

True You

If you’d like, here’s a quick visualization you can do to find your true place within.
Choosing a moment to pause, find a place of inner / outer stillness, and then focus on your breath…

Imagine doing an internal body scan.
Just noticing, without analyzing or trying to figure anything out.
A moment of being with mindful awareness.
(**If you’ve never done this before, it’s ok if it’s uncomfortable or confusing. Feel free at any time to skip this experiment or you can return to focusing on your breathing.)

Imagine there is a part of you that’s the source of you.
What might it look like?
(**you can allow your mind’s eye to be curious and consider all of the details)

Imagine that you could talk with this part.
Imagine asking it what might this part want?
What’s the first thing that pops in your mind?
(**It may be an image or it may be words, and whatever comes to you is just right. If nothing comes that’s totally ok too, you may consider imagining if there is anything blocking the message and asking why that block is here.)

You can continue down the rabbit hole and imagine giving it what it wants, or you can take that as valuable feedback for something in real life.

…You’ve just experienced talking with the youest you and hearing the truest true!

This place is always within. However, often times we’re too busy doing things or filling our lives with too much noise to be able to hear it. But, the great news is you can always choose to pause, find stillness, and make the space for its voice to be heard!

Feel free to share any of your insights with us in the comments below.