Tune In


How much of your day are you “tuned in”?

Maybe you don’t even know.

Wherever you’re at, I guarantee there are moments in your day when you’re so lost in your thoughts that you’re not even experiencing whatever it is you’re doing.

For instance, when you pour a glass. Do you actually truly feel the glass in your hand? Do you listen to all the intricacies of the sound of the water pouring in? And then when you drink it, do you feel how it moistens your tongue and funnels into your throat?

Or when you are walking, do you actually feel your feet on the ground? Your knees bending. The air grazing your skin. Or are you just so focused on getting to your destination that you miss out on the whole experience?

This week, your mission should you choose to accept it…


To one thing. Bring your attention to one experience. Notice as much as you can about the fullness of it.

Afterwards, leave a comment below and let us know how it goes! What did you notice? Maybe there’s something you didn’t realize before. What surprised you about the experience?