Dear Quirkster, what if?

I collect questions.


Questions are puzzles and we can’t help but answer them. And, a great question can open a door to a life-changing insight.

This is why curiosity is so profound. Curiosity is asking questions with the fascination of learning something new.

If you are struggling, or unsatisfied, or even if life is good but you know there is a 5D version you are missing out on, the only way to experience something else is to discover something else.

So, how do you discover something new? Ask questions!

Two of my favorite questions are:
1. What do I notice?
2. What if ___?

It’s no secret that our senses are taking in more information than we can consciously be aware of. But, sometimes our filtering of that information has a cog in it. So, the first question of “what do I notice?” is a way to bypass the default filter. It’s important to continue asking yourself the question. The first thing you notice is usually the closest to your filters, but by asking it over and over, you become more and more aware of deeper insights your filter had dubbed as “non-important”.

The second question, “what if ___?” is a key to imagination. This question can be really tricky because it has the power to inspire you or to paralyze you.

When I was 16, I was living in Chattanooga, Tennessee, but as a bright-eyed and ambitious spitfire, I took a leap of faith to go to Los Angeles for some acting and singing auditions. I went with a burning curiosity and a question: “what if my dreams could come true?” Right away, I began booking every single audition I went on; including: an AT&T commercial, a Lifetime show segment and a role in a theater musical. Then, my manager was trying to spare me some disappointment and he said to me, “I don’t want you to get your hopes up, this type of success is very unusual.” After that, doubt crept in. My question shifted to, “what if my success was just a fluke?” With each failed audition, I was solving the puzzle of the question and I had trouble booking gigs at all.

I share this story because you can choose which question to listen to.

You can have “what if” questions running through your mind like:
What if I’m too weird? What if they won’t understand me?
What if my weirdness is what makes me extraordinary? What if they want to be seen just as I do?


Have you noticed whenever you’re thinking about buying something, such as a red car, you begin to notice ALL of the other red cars?

In our primal nature, being wrong resulted in death. So, we seek to prove ourselves right. The thing is, there is no wrong or right outside of us. It is all our perception. What we have been told and what we decide to listen to shapes what we determine to be wrong or right.

This means we can choose what we want to find validation for.
So, what will you choose?

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